Friday, July 24, 2015

the big scoop

I loved this quote when I first saw it.  I think you could easily drop off part of it and simply say... Never get so forget to make a life.  

Its been nearly 3 years in the planning.  Moving Rick's office and photo studio out of the rented space  he once had, and into our home 3 years ago has been a mixed blessing.  While its good to have Rick around the house, and has financially been a huge savings, the office has overtaken all of the family space downstairs.  It's where they boys could do homework, or hang out with friends, or watch movies.  We're all on top of each other, mixing our personal life, with business.  

So we've been taking our time and looking into all of our options.  We've looked at so many homes.  But our house has everything we need.  All we really need is space for Rick to work, with some separation from us.

Slowly the idea of adding onto our house started to take hold.  Again, we spent many months looking into what our options might be. 

So with lots of research, and great advice, and help from friends, we broke ground last week! 

Even Crosby has been a little displaced...

As the hole got deeper, I started physically feeling sicker and sicker last week.  The reflection below, is of me being wrapped in a blanket, snapping a photo, despite heat in the high 80's.  

And then the black clouds rolled in.  The streets flooded... and guess what else filled up with water?

Our freshly dug hole!  We joked about how it had gone from Rick's office to a swimming pool!  Ha- and yuck!  

But the water got pumped out the next morning and the forms went in right away.  

This is the point I was knocked down in bed, so the pouring of the concrete I missed entirely.

Fast forward to this week, and we're in waiting mode now.  The concrete has to "cure."  But soon enough the framing will begin. 

We're sort of embracing the "chaos," amidst the chaos already encircling our lives.  

We've also officially given Crosby a nickname- "therapy."  He has the biggest heart, wrapping those big paws around my arms and holding on for all he is worth.

And slowly, I've turned the corner.  Am up out of bed most of the day now.  I still tire easily, and have a host of side effects, with a new one cropping up each day it seems.  But as challenging as its been, I can't adequately express how much, others have touched me these past couple of weeks.

I was reading Annie's mailbox in the newspaper this morning and this part of a reader's letter really struck a chord with me.  She was making an observation about aging. 

"We all need to feel needed.  In our younger years we race through our busy lives.  Once we reach our senior years, all of those connections and obligations fade.  We need others to validate that we still matter..." 

I think those feelings are akin to what you feel when you're faced with living with a serious disease, like cancer.  Lately, its taken up so many parts of me, so much of my time and energy.  

So I just wanted you to know... my gratitude still grows daily.  My gifts numbering in the thousands.

Like,  when you send me a note, or text, or call me.  Or, every time a card comes in the mail.  Plus, each knock on our door, visit to our house, and gift received.  

You make me feel like I matter, and that will be the best gift I can ever receive.  


  1. You definitely matter to so very many of us. Blessings for each and every day.

    1. It brings a smile to my face to see you here, Susan, and I am doubly blessed by your heartfelt words. Blessings and love to you~

  2. Your writing--YOU--do something nourishing to my heart. It's like God's Spirit does this Mighty Rushing thing when I read your heart. As we connect, I'm always, always drawn closer to him.

    So much love to you and your precious family. Can't wait to see the outcome!!!!

  3. So excited for your new space! A great idea, and how you will all enjoy the freedom it brings -

    Glad you're turning the corner, moving forward to live more -life-

  4. By reading your blog I have learned so much from you. Your gracefulness and attitude through all you endure shows regardless of how you may feel. You are a beautiful lady inside and out and while we have never met I think of you often and keep on learning from you. Peace.

  5. you SO matter and wow, that new space is going to be amazing!!!

  6. You matter so much that, when I'm lucky enough to see the Facebook feed at the right time and I see you have blogged, it gives my stomach and little flip flop and I want to hear your words and see what's happening.

    A HOLE in the yard! What a great diversion and full of promise. And a metaphor for what you're enduring. Plumbing the depths, you think you're starting the "fix" only to take a left turn and have another problem to deal with, reinforcing what needs to be shored up, things that need to cure. Lots and lots of vision necessary to keep your eye on what things are what in the process of enduring and becoming. You are adding on, too, dear Vicky. Enduring what you must for what's coming - more days, weeks, months, years, more YOU, more family, more bridges to lead you to the very next thing around the corner that can help you. All new. Just like this. Let every frame, screw, board, nail, saw, and sound of the hammer remind you of what is being built in you as you believe and struggle through.

    Love you and excited for this new space. Keep the pictures coming. I LOVE to see the process.

  7. Bet the entire family will be thrilled with that new space... when all the construction is complete! Going through that, plus illness, has to be tough!

  8. Oh my dear friend,
    Oh how the words..."And slowly I've turned the corner"...make my heart sing. I am so grateful to God that you are up more and feeling some better, more like yourself. Even though those pesky side effects keep coming, you are having some moments to breathe and be. And that photo of "Therapy" Crosby just tugged at my heart and brought tears. Crosby just "knows" doesn't he? He is wrapping his love and care around you with those gentle paws, holding you as best he can. That's such a visual picture of how I see our prayers holding you, too. Softly and gently surrounding you that you might feel the comfort of love.

    Most of alI I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you are adding on, building an addition, looking forward to the FUTURE! You are holding tight to each other and going through that building process...dirty, dusty, chaos...but dreams in the making.

    I am so honored to be on this old truck with you, dear Vicky, as we continue the journey of your life. New twists and turns. No matter what, what remains the same is God's faithfulness, you being held up by all of us who love you, and your gratitude for every day.

    And just for the record, you so MATTER in my life. I am grateful for you every day!!!
    Love you to the moon and back!

  9. All I could think of when I read this was... You are so very very BEAUTIFUL. not just the physical way...but all the ways that truly matter! TRULY SO BEAUTIFUL! and then I was..."oh a office for Rick" so needed! and then there is Crosby! the unconditional love of a pet...but more so, I think animals feel us. Bless you Vicky, this I know is one heck of a journey and I have you all in prayers...your just beautiful....Yes I had to say it again!

  10. Oh, my God, girl. If you don't matter, then nobody does.

  11. I've been traveling, but I had to write a quick note to say that you are precious to us, your readers and friends. Thanks for keeping us close in the midst of daily life and occurrences, big and small.

    Love the pic of the doggy ... so sweet!

  12. How exciting to get a new addition!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  13. So glad to hear "you have turned the corner"! How fun to be putting on an addition too! You are always in my prayers.

  14. you matter so much to me - I am so grateful for you!
    praying life to your cells and organs!

  15. It's fun to see you 'adding on' to your house and to the bounty of gratitude you feel.

  16. I'm constantly amazed at all the loving support you are surrounded with. In this cold world we live in today, it does my heart good to see there are still caring souls out there. We should all be so blessed. Prayers as you continue to face this challenge!

  17. I think of you and just want to send you hugs. I think you have such an amazing spirit and touch people every single day with your words. How great that you will have more space in your home. Even the most loving family needs room to stretch their legs and thoughts from time to time. xo


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