Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hurry always empties...

"Hurry always empties a soul…"  Ann Voskamp

I'm counting gifts… always counting… and gratitude grows exponentially as I am granted more days, and more ways,  to see that all is gift.  

I asked Rick this summer, "Why don't we ever say, Ahh those December skies?"  So I've been paying attention, to see why for myself.  First I've noticed all the cloudy, gray skies.   Then I realized how I get up in the dark (Nolan's 6 am practice has us scrambling at 4:45 am) and by dinner time its dark, again.  Many days, there isn't much light at all.

Then one day, the sky turned all pink and pretty.  As I sat making our Christmas cards - yes- me and Pic monkey- a printer downstairs, a plastic craft cutting tool, and some photo paper.  Totally cost-efficient and I didn't stress over when the photo would get done, or when the cards would get printed, or how long they would take to arrive, etc. - I totally took in the gift of sunshine all day.  See how all the gifts string together? I am reminded that "Thanks-giving turns into thanks-LIVING."  

Even Crosby reveled in the glowy sunlight.  And now I can say… Ahhhh those December skies!

In the meantime, my days are filled with a welcome walk back and forth to the mailbox and look what keeps overflowing our box?  I've always been a collector.  A keeper of things.  

And I am in awe of how the cards, the gifts, the blessings, just come together as though they belonged in the same space, right from the start.  

But what it says to me, is that they all come from the same place- they come from love, and if that is the case, than of course, they all belong together.  

Doesn't this card say it all?

My heart has been so touched... 

By the beautiful card, with a gift,  that a young college student and his family sent to me.  

By the box of General Mills brand groceries and treats that arrived from a friend in Wisconsin. The boys are curled up on the couch snacking away while watching the Bison play, as I type.

By the beautiful basket, above, all the way from Washington.  Filled with coffee treats, and beautiful plates, and napkins, etc., and Colton's favorite- sparkling cider.    

By the beautiful words, the generous gifts, and letters from so many…

My days are filled with moments lived full.

If hurry empties a soul- then slow, fills it, friends.  I'm finding that slowing, and savoring, fills the soul.  


  1. Beautiful sky, loving gratitude. It's infectious.

  2. Oh yes. I do love this concept because it rings true in the deepest sense possible. I have been aching for sunset shots too Vicky. I did capture one the other day. I'll bet it was the same one you "grabbed" from the other side of the river. Keep savoring and I will too. The gift of a savior is definitely worth every stolen moment. XXOO

  3. If any slowness can be found at this time of year, grab it and growl! Beautiful sky!!!

  4. I was thinking the other day about clouds....and sunsets. Clouds make for the most beautiful sunsets. I've noticed that the clear-sky sunset isn't nearly as breathtakingly beautiful as the one that is cloud-filled. There is a life lesson there somewhere, I'm sure.
    Sending you love and hugs, Vicky.

  5. Vicky, I'm sending you love...over and across the miles tonight. I'm wanting to soak in our December skies and note all that is around me - your words, the way you are living your life, are making me shift. And I appreciate it, and appreciate you.

    Remembering this season, that Christ was sent as Hope. Praying hope permeates your moments.

    Many hugs and much love from your sister north of the border.

  6. Exquisite, as always. And as always, I come away from your blog (and your photography!) refreshed and renewed.

    So much love~~~

  7. It is dull this end as well but sometimes the sun peeks out and it makes you feel so nice.
    But I keep busy and the days fly by.
    Sometimes you wish they would slow down some.
    I can't believe it is Dec. 22nd already.Pictures are always nice to look at.
    I think I liked it better when we had real pics instead of digital.
    but digital rewards you with instant gratification.
    Keep well my friend.

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  9. Beautiful thoughts, Vicky, and glad your blessing basket is overflowing in so many ways. No one could deserve it more. And I'm embracing winter this year in a whole new way. Probably sounds very weenie coming from someone in California but I sincerely detest the shorter days with darkness settling in before 5 and, since we're in the valley, lots of foggy days with little to no sunshine. But I prayed this year to embrace the days and not wish them away. To find joy and beauty in the quiet of the fog and the peace of longer nights. It has WORKED and no one is more amazed than I. Thanks for your encouraging words about seeing what's around us.

    Please forgive no Christmas card. Didn't send ANY. I'm especially terrible at getting things in the mail. Always have been. But I send you hugs and sincere wishes that each moment stretches and lasts over these precious Christmas days and you have lots of joy-filled times with your best beloveds. Here's to good things in the New Year and surprises of the very best kind. Merry Christmas, sweet friend, and may God surround you, heal you, give you strength, and show you Himself in every tiny joy. With love.


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