Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"… not as much runway as we think…"

“I want to go barefoot because it’s holy ground; I want to be running because time is short and none of us has as much runway as we think we do; and I want it to be a fight because that’s where we can make a difference. That’s what love does.”   Bob Goff, "Love Does" 

At the beginning of this summer Superman happened to hear that Daughtry was coming to town and opening for The Goo Goo Dolls.  It was going to be at Bluestem, an outdoor amphitheater not far from our house.  Did we want to go?  

Without trying to think it through too much, yes I wanted to go.  I also wanted to take the boys.  I loved the idea of doing something new to us, to celebrate the end of summer.  The tickets clung to our fridge all summer long and the boys hadn't a clue.

Sunday, the day of the concert, the rain had drenched the ground the night before.  But a few hours before the time to leave, the clouds were parting and the sun was streaming through.  It was a perfect night for an outdoor concert.  The boys were curious about what we were doing, but merely going along with us, as we hadn't given them a choice.

We parked near a friend's house, and then watched- wide-eyed as cars snaked all the way down and around for what seemed like miles.  We grabbed our blankets and were only too happy to hike in.  

While we didn't purchase seating, we still felt like we had a great view from the lawn on the side.  Plus, it helped me cope with my port, which vibrated so hard in my chest for the longest time, but eventually I grew used to it.

As the crowds filled in, the boys were wide eyed.  When the music first started they were surprised by how loud it was. It also registered on their face when they first noticed how much everyone moved, swayed, and danced to the music.  

It was such a great concert!  We laughed so much when one of the singers exclaimed "I just ate a bug!"  That is so Minnesota-like.  

By the end of the night- the boys had seen a lot.  Plus we had also been able to watch them, mouth the words, bounce their legs, and become totally engaged with the whole concert experience.  

Nolan even put a post out on social media saying he was having a GREAT time, although his sometimes serious expression didn't always show it.  

Afterwards, as we got back on the gravel road going back to our car, we realized how dark it was.  But somewhere along the trek back, my fitbit vibrated and lit up in a big way.  I was so surprised and couldn't for the life of me figure out why- it was only my second day of wearing it.

Apparently, my dance moves were more than sufficient to both warrant 43 very active minutes, but I had hit my 10,000 steps for the day!  

Today I am back in the normal and more sedate number of steps- in the low thousands as of yet.  But every time I check and see I've had some quiet minutes strung together, it does motivate me to get up and move.  I'm enjoy the whole Fitbit process so far and can't wait to see if it helps me keep my weight in a "hey not that big dose of chemo," kind of way.

I went in to wake Colton for his first day of school today and he was up instantly getting ready.  But more surprising, was seeing Nolan bounding up the stairs on his own.  He had set an alarm and needed no prompting from us to get ready.  

I've had several prayer requests for this week.  Please know you can email me (check my profile for address) anytime with a special prayer request.  

I pray when I am folding laundry, brushing the dog, cleaning up the house, or just sitting here, etc.  I'm here, all day, every day.  I'm happy to pray for you, as you've all done for me.  


  1. so very fun you all went to a concert together and that all 4 of you liked the music!!!

    Praying for you - have a good weekend sweet friend!

  2. Daughtry is awesome! What a great experience with the kids-

    1. It really was and the kids are already wondering who is coming next- ha!

  3. I did concerts in my younger days, but can't imagine dealing with the crowds and volume in my older days. I'll leave that to you younger folks.

  4. So happy you all went to the concert together. What a fantastic family memory! And I love the first-day-of-school pic of Nolan and Colton. It makes my teacher heart feel good that they were excited to get back to school, see their friends, and maybe even learn a little something in the process. :)

    Thinking of you and praying for you Vicky, always! <3

  5. My sweet friend, Vicky,
    I have loved the book, Love Does, and so agree that "time is short and none of us has as much runway as we think we do." So I love, love, love that you set up a family "adventure"...and included your precious boys. What a great concert and a splendid send-off for summer.

    And that first day of school picture...priceless. What handsome and wonderful young men.
    It's the first day of school here today, and I talked with my grandchildren yesterday that they are not alone as they enter those schools. God is right there with them!

    And He is also right there with you today. Sending you oodles of LOVE, JOY, prayers and peace today, precious Vicky.
    I am so, so grateful for you. To the moon and back again!

  6. I had not heard of Bob Goff until recently and now his books have been referenced multiple times. Might need to go check him out. I love that quote at the top of your post.

    So the port at a concert - it's kinda crazy, right?? It takes some getting used to. Concerts are my absolute favorite thing, and we don't get to go often. So glad you all 4 were able to go and enjoy. Daughtry was one of my favs from American Idol.

  7. This made me smile...what wonderful moments..utterly wonderful! I remember going with my girls to there first concert...alot to take in :) what a fun family event...priceless in all truth...so many' wonderful memories and first's!!! love to you all..so glad you got to do this!!!!

  8. Feels like I'm right there with you!! Dancing at the concert. And I do like to dance. :) Thank you so much for taking us with you. Vicky, you have this way of making every day--every moment--seem wonderful. So grateful to you.

  9. This was GREAT! I LOVE that you didn't tell them. That is SO unlike me and I wish I had done that more. Hunter always needed 9 months of preparation for everything! hahaha


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When you get lucky

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