Tuesday, June 24, 2014

…the song sings...

In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

  For over 20 years, I spent summers at the lake with my family in and around the Detroit Lakes area. 
When I was really young, we started out in a pop up camper and rented a weekend spot at Lost Valley Resort, on Trowbridge Lake, for the summer.  For vacation, my dad would take a week off from work and we would spend all week at the lake.  I was in heaven.  It didn't matter to me that we used an "outhouse,"  I could pinch my nose closed and hoist my nightgown all in one swift move... Laura Ingalls had nothing on me. 

Oh the things that stay with us.  Like trips to the resort store for maple nut ice cream, and jolly ranchers for a penny.  The distinct smell of hotdogs and s'mores made over the fire.  The way a sunburn stings and how my mom would let us cool it off in the lake late at night sometimes under the glow of the moon.  I can still hear the laughter of my cousins who camped nearby, and the roll of the Yahtzee dice as they clacked against the picnic tables. 

Its abundantly clear, I have and will always be a water-loving, lake-swimming, sand-digging, rock-skipping, sun-worshipping, boat-riding, summer girl at heart- who longs for time at the beach. 

Over the years we went on to spend time at other lakes- Long, Big Cormorant, and Meadow to name a few.  But going into "town", or Detroit Lakes was always part of the summer's adventure.

This weekend, with a beautiful day on the horizon, Rick, Nolan, and I,  packed up the old boat, grabbed Rick's Dad, Jim, and headed out for a day of adventure in Detroit Lakes.

Colton, stayed back and took care of Crosby.

The lake is big, and has every kind of lake home imaginable on its shorelines.  

I love that you never know what you will see around the corner.  This tiny dog never flinched on that slippery surface of the kayak.

Long Bridge is a resort and restaurant on one side of the lake.  We've eaten there several times and its a fun place to hang out for an afternoon.

We thought about fishing on the other side of the bridge… but

the water is seriously pretty high.  

Instead we watched as the next group prepared for take off!  I watched and watched, but we were long gone before they jumped.

Back through the channel we went- past Gull Island.

Finally,  the boys dropped me off at the beach and were on their way to fish.  Are any words really needed?

I spent a relaxing afternoon, taking photos, reading, chatting with people nearby, playing in the water, and relishing all things "lake."

Hours later the men came back to the beach so we could cross the street for our favorite place to eat... Zorbaz.  

With out bellies more than full from our pizza feast, we headed back out to the boat.

The sun was just at the golden resting place in the sky where everywhere you looked something dazzled in the light. 

We fished our way back across the lake to catch up with Nolan.  Nolan had generously been offered a chance to go water skiing by some good friends of ours who live on the lake.  

Nolan had a blast!  He'll come back for more lessons Andy- he is determined! 

Nolan spent a few weeks studying for his youth watercraft operator's permit.  He took the online class and passed! 

So we turned the wheel over to him.  Yikes.  He officially looks like he belongs.

I think Jim caught the biggest fish of all-  I don't do it justice in the picture I tried to take- but that was a nice size northern! 


All too soon, the sun was soon dipping below the trees.  Longing for one last look as I ran for the car, I ran up the hill, around the corner of the building, and there it was, the sun just sliding down on our beautiful lake's adventure.

I had the most wonderful surprises in my mail box this weekend!  Thank you to the Oakes Yearbook Staff for thinking of me.  Also thank you to Annie- your thoughtful and generous gift truly touched me.  

Herceptin infusion today.  Would welcome prayers for my wound to tolerate Herceptin and not break down as it has in the past.  Its truly healing nicely and I am so happy with the outcome so far.  

Ann Voskamp mentions her "soul holes," in her book "One Thousand Gifts."  Cancer may be my soul hole, but I feel so "alive" and am busy filling my gratitude journal with oodles of new gifts through my lake-filled eyes.  Summer, sunshine, and all of you, have indeed been the patch to any hole in my soul. 


  1. Love these images, love the experiences you had and savor and cherish. You are clearly LIVING. Here's to much much more of that. xo

    1. Thanks Karen- simple and real- and yes- the best part- full of living! xxoo

  2. Being away from the lake has been one of the hardest things about being miles from home. Your words and pictures make me SO excited to head back to MN next week!

    1. Carrie- that sounds great! You will have a great relaxing time I am sure- safe travels!

  3. Your beautiful words and pictures describe what we lake-lovers enjoy so much when are totally immersed in lake life! We are so blessed to live here!

    Sending prayers that Herceptin will not cause any setbacks with your recent surgery. Take care!!!

    1. Thanks so much Steph! We feel so fortunate to just bring the boat down for the day- we're dipping our toes in the "lake experience," but happy to even do just that! Thanks for the those prayers- will know in time how I will do :)

  4. i was just thinking of you this morning, and yours was the first blog in the RSS feed reader! thanks for the mini vacation. after 15 summers spent at a lake in WI, i was thinking about the height of the water when looking at the picture of the dock at Long Bridge, and then you mentioned that it was high!

    so glad you had some lovely time outdoors. sounds like a perfect perfect day.

    will pray about the Herceptin. peace, friend.

    1. I was just thinking of you- seriously- I have my DQ treat tucked away safely and as we drove past one, I almost had Rick stop- but Colton wasn't with us. Love that I carry that little slice of you with me- and a photo WILL be coming- its just a matter of time!

  5. What a wonderful day you had! We've had good times at that Zorbaz, haven't we? :) Lots of love to you and prayers for a better response to the Herceptin.

    1. Katy!!!!!!! I'm tickled to see you here! Were your ears ringing? I was so thinking of you and everyone else!! Zorbaz, tubing, pool playing, oh those were some good times :) sending loads of love right back to you!

  6. This was a refreshing time for you, and it blessed my heart to feel your joy as you were back at the lake.
    Splendid photos. My words wouldn't do them justice. They speak for themselves.
    Prayers for your infusion, sweet friend.
    Hugs a bunch!

    1. This was so refreshing Jackie- I am such a simple girl these days and that day was filled with so many things I wish I could pour in a bottle and take with me :) Thankful for your sweet self praying and sending me love- many hugs and prayers back to you!

  7. You indeed captured summer time in your words and pictures!!! the first part of your post...oh my..it took me back and made me nastalgic for the summer time's of my own childhood...the out house, yhatzee, the lil lake store...cousins....and I felt all those wonderful feelings...that can only be captured in memories...childhood and the simple innocense and wonder of that time. I am so glad you got this weekend and the beauty and soul inspiring time.... prayers as always in your behalf. and so glad that so far everything is healing correctly. What a beautiful, peaceful, fun...summer time post!!! love to you, beautiful Vicky!

    1. Thank you Peggy Sue- something about summer vacation and childhood brings out the best in nostalgics like myself- and glad you can relate so well too! Thankful for your kind words and prayers!! Love to you!

  8. Oh sweet Vicky,
    What a miracle it is that you are enjoying the fruits of summer and you "ran for the car" and "ran up the hill." Can you hear me smiling! Boating, fishing, the lake, sunsets, friends,
    Nolan driving the boat with a life jacket that says "Full Throttle" on it. How good can it get!

    Answered prayer after answered prayer after answered prayer. I am so grateful to Almighty God that He has done such a miracle in your life...more weeks and more months and more years.

    Yes, my friend, ALL Is SO Well! I am so, so happy for you!!!
    Sending you loves and hugs and prayers, always prayers!

  9. I hope I'm not commenting twice. I just hit publish but I don't see it. Okay, I don't have enough "Good" words to say about this post. We're here with you, experiencing the lake, your family, your love. Thank you, thank you! And it spoke to me that you didn't mention your health until the very end--maybe because your eyes and heart are so preoccupied with Joy. I love that. I love you. I'm praying for your infusion...xoxoxoxoxo

  10. what a wonderful time you had.
    Good for you! :)


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