Thursday, May 22, 2014

if you want to help… together we shall make a difference

 Kristi and I have been "together" so long its hard to remember just how many years. I'm guessing close to 30 plus years, or so. She has been my "forever" friend from the very start. I loved stumbling across this photo in particular. How do you like the acid washed jeans? Our 80's hair? I'm pretty sure if you could hear it, the radio on our friend's porche would be playing "I wear my sunglasses at night," by Corey Hart.

This picture marked the beginning of our "magical" summer together. For some reason we were the golden girls that summer and had the time of our lives. Around my job at a daycare center we went to the pool every day and the lakes on the weekend. We went out together every night of the week and just managed to have a good time no matter what we were doing. We had tons of friends, lots of time, plenty of energy and the mindset that we may never have a summer like it again, which was truer than we could have possibly known. 

Since that time we've been through weddings and births. Boyfriends and husbands. Mortgages and diapers. Dogs and kids. Breast Cancer, and illness.  We climbed the hill together and persevered, our friendship intact, and growing deeper each day. 

What she is currently undertaking, should come as no surprise.  What hasn't Kristi accomplished over the years?  She is a wife and mom with two young children, who is also an attorney, who runs her law practice out of her home, while also teaching college classes.  She is also an amazing seamstress and artist, and yet as full as her plate is, she has never stopped looking for the next challenge to tackle.

And that challenge?  Well, she says the idea hit her when I was telling her about my Mepilex wound care dressings, costing too much money. We had ordered a supply of them only to discover a few boxes would cost close to 200 dollars and would only last a few weeks.  My new insurance was not covering them.  What becomes a challenge, is when we're paying for special health insurance for me, plus a family policy for Rick and the boys (Rick is self-employed), plus pharmacy costs, cancer-medical- care costs, and then adding in wound care supplies at an extra 200 dollars. 

We have felt so blessed to somehow, have made it through the past 3 years, with tons of help from others.  We have always managed to pay our medical bills and we are so thankful for that. But we continually have to try and be creative in figuring out how the next bill is going to get paid. 

Recently, I stopped going to wound care. They gave me wonderful care, but couldn't give me supplies.  So I cut all my bandages into pieces and  used corners of them to piece together adequate protection, and have gotten by.

And then I stopped having to take the Tykerb, and the wound, while still full of scabs and bright red colored tissue, has remained stable these past couple of months.

But Kristi?  Was shocked at the cost of the Mepilex.  And the wheels started to turn. So...

That is when THIS started to form.

So Kristi?  Became a Mary Kay consultant- for the sole purpose of fundraising for Rick and I. 

If you click the link it will take you to a Facebook page she created for the cause.  (Maybe you would help us by liking it?)

Over the course of the last few weeks, Kristi has been attending Mary Kay meetings, designing the flyer, and setting up an online site for anyone who wants to help, and spreading the word.  And this is my way of helping her do just that.

I am more humbled than I can adequately say.

So maybe you need a year end teacher appreciation gift?  Maybe you're  in need of some sunscreen for the summer months?  Lotion?  Make-up?  

I was so pleasantly surprised to see how much Mary Kay has to offer.

But the best part, is that Mary-Kay is generously allowing Kristi to donate all of her earnings, to me, to help us defray our medical costs.  

We're only running the event until June 15th.  

As Kristi has said- "even if I can just make enough to pay for a box of bandages for you, I'd feel like I helped." 

I hope everyone has a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!  I will be back with an update on my surgery consult this week and our plans for the big surgery coming soon!


  1. Dearest Vicky and Kristi,
    I am always astounded when I see love in action. Love Does. It walks and breaths and cares and does something, anything, to make things better. My dear friend, Vicky, how wonderfully astounding, and not surprising, that your dearest buddy, friend, soul-sister, attorney, Kristi...has become a Mary Kay consultant just to support you. Love Does. Love doesn't sit and watch you not have bandage supplies. Love may only give five dollars or ten dollars. But LOVE doesn't sit and so nothing.

    I know, my family knows personally, that having cancer is walking a tightrope financially. There is a delicate balance between what you have to do, want to do, need to do, and can afford to do. It's truly a crime, in my book, that some folks, at the hardest time of their lives, can't get all the treatment they need because of the cost.

    So here's the deal...I AM ALL IN!!! I'm not sure how much makeup I can use, but I'll
    sure get some sunscreen or at the very least make a donation. I have some extra dollars from a consultation and I want you to have it, Vicky. I want you to have bandages and help in fighting cancer, and help with medical expenses...just like Kristi does.

    I have always wanted to suggest that you might even earn some extra dollars by putting some ads on your blog. We would all understand. Whatever would help, that's what we want for you, pray for you.

    And you Kristi, you are a woman after my own heart. A Love Does Girl. Thank you, thank you for doing this for my sweet friend, and your best friend.

    Loves and hugs and blessings and prayers,,,always prayers, to both of you!

    1. Linda- you my friend, like so many others, have been more than generous with gifts to me and my family already- please know we aren't asking you to do more :) You're so sweet to jump in wholeheartedly and that alone puts a huge smile on my face!

      But by posting this, I am also trying to pay honor to a friend, who went so far and did so much to help me! I had to share about it, because these things always move me so- no matter the outcome. And who might she inspire in the process?

      I just picked up "Love Does," and can't wait to read it this weekend!

      Love to you sweet friend-

  2. This is beautiful! love in action! do you know how loved you are? truly loved? i think you do..but isn't that love an amazing gift! loved loved the pic of both of you....ha ha ha 80's hair and "sunglasses at night" Praying and sending much love and positive vibes your way!

    1. It all touches me so, Peggy, it truly does! I've always said I am a blessed woman- and I truly am! Sending love to you!

  3. I don't need anything but you need bandages and I am sending money!....You have never asked for anything since I have been reading...I have always wondered how in the world you keep up with all of it!...Just wondering....are they a special kind of bandage?...just interested....

    1. You are too kind! Yes, unfortunately I am allergic to so many kinds of bandages that only really specialized ones will work. But I am hopefully not going to need them for much longer- will explain soon- surgery to fix everything is on the horizon. Just making sure insurance will cover it- then new incision will be made and the old one will be cut away.

  4. How wonderful it is that a friend such as yours, Vicky, will go above and beyond her own world to help you in yours. I can't send much, but I for sure will send what I can. God bless you and your BFF.


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