Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All the numbers

26 = the number of fights I break up each day.

12= the number of posts I have started that are yet unfinished.

13= the number of stinkin days left till school starts. (Apologies to all teachers who deserve every one of those 13 days left.)

3= the number of minutes I get to complete a task without being interrupted by kid requests.

6= the number of baskets piled pathetically with clothes to be folded and put away.

90= the predicted temperature for tomorrow.

0= the number of public pools open.

< 2= the number of hours my dh is around these days.

3,126 = the number of things I can think of to do right now that don't include kids.

-1= the number of things I can think of left to do that we haven't already done with the kids this summer.

?= the number of nerves I have left that aren't a bit trampled.

8 = the number of people who have said they are in the same boat as me.

5= the number of people who are willing to bring Bacardi Raz to said boat and drink with me (any other takers?)

1 big one= the number of smiles on my face after writing this. Life is good... its all still good.


  1. Amen sister! I can sooo relate to all of that post. It's true too.
    Thanks for the smile!

  2. A great idea . . . Helps to get to know what you are up to these days.

  3. I can totally relate to the fights....somedays you can double that at my house :)

  4. What a great Mom you are...and to keep up with the numbers!! Love it!
    You have my blessings, my friend.
    We're in the same boat...and we just keep on paddling....Isn't it nice to know we have friends who can know we aren't the only ones. I love your blogs....absolutely love them.

  5. Bonnie, its just good feeling like you are not alone in what you are going through :)

    Bonnie, yes, that was my thought process since I am so scattered.

    Stephanie, I'm not surprised in the least :)

    Jackie, thanks for your ever thoughtful comments :)

  6. That was freaking hilarious! My friends' kids had their first day of school today... sorry you have to wait. :)

    Oh, and you can add one more: 1 person who will join you on the boat despite having no kids as long as I can have a green apple Smirnoff.

  7. Dearest Vicky,

    Oh, thank you for thinking of me, and for stopping by even though you know I am on break!!! It is so wonderful to hear your "voice." You have made my day!!! AND if I didn't know better, I'd say you and Jackie conspired to brighten my week!!!! BTW, I absolutely LOVE your new header collage!!!! It's a WOW!! Just gorgeous!!! And yes, I hope to return soon...I have a few things to clear from my plate first, and then I hope to be back sometime after school you, I feel it will be good to get back to a routine...and yet, life IS good!!! Always!!! Love to you and your family!! Thank you again for thinking of me, and see you soon! Janine XO

  8. Oh dear Vicky! Relax, take it easy!! For once forget about what needs to be done, and do what your heart tells you to.And what pleases you! Have a nice day ahead

    P.S You might want to update my blogger URL to in your blogroll, so it reflects the updates

  9. Hi Vicky
    I commiserate with you after raising 4 kids those holidays seem along time...however we did have year round school so the long break over Christmas - our summer was only 8 weeks duration... But ohhhhhhhh is it nice to send them back and get a life again...

    and gets even better...
    when they all finish school you breathe an enormous sigh of relief and enjoy being a couple again...

    Happy days

  10. Only 26 fights :)

    I'm trying to write one blog but so busy keeping up with everyone's blogs that I can't manage that. Not sure If I have anything interesting to say either.

    Your numbers were fun count me in for having a Bacardi with you.

  11. Gitz, automatic pass to my boat :) And green apple Smirnoff sounds like something I should try, so its a deal! I think you just made today my favorite day! Much love to you!

    Janine, what a wonderful surprise! So honored to have you briefly come out of your break and leave some love here. Thank you! I hope you DO make an official appearance soon as I know you are dearly missed :)

    Stillness, your url is fixed and thanks for bringing my attention to it :) Have definitely done a few things now to secure a bit more "me" time!

    Delwyn, wow, 4 kids! That is impressive. And watch I'll be the one blubbering when they actually DO fly the coop! Thanks for your encouragement :)

    Liss, I so admire how you are a single mom raising two kids, working full time and managing to both read blogs and write your own! It would be an honor to share a bacardi or two with you!

    Robin, no, I haven't seen it... I must look for it... what a clever ad :) The fact that you have also raised 4 kids yourself, makes you a saint in my eyes!!

  12. This was so CREATIVE!!!! I loved it and BTW, I REALLY like your new header.

    I was never the mother of TWO young boys but I felt like you as the mother of ONE. So you feel TWICE as worn out! I used to go in the bathroom and sit on the toilet and cry. TWM would stick his lips under the crack at the bottom of the door and continue the tirade or whine or questioning about why he couldn't come in. It was very peaceful. Here's your hope now that I feel obligated to pass on:

    I lived, barely.


  13. I am so with you today!!! If I could tell you the number of times I answered my son with a "hmmmm" or a "I DON'T KNOW" today you would cringe! To top it off this computer is SUPER SLOW today and I can't even blog about my foul mood today!!! I'm thinking about taking up drinking too....If it weren't for the giggling, babbling, drooling baby over here I would be! :) I posted the kids' teachers names on my blog comments...just read your question today. :) Only 1 more week!

  14. oh yes, I run these numbers in my head myself. Love your new look. Back from va-ca and hoping to catch up as school starts and my schedule (blessed schedule) returns

  15. I bet that felt good just to get that out!!! Have a great weekend.

  16. Robynn, now that is hope alright! Living through it would be good :) Love ya too :)

    Heather, *sigh*, yes, one more, lets make it a good one!

    Jules, nice to see you here, hope the vaca was great! As much as I crave letting the schedule go, I always welcome it back :)

    Sara, yes it did! Although I feel a bit whiney... I'm just ready to move on :)

  17. I like this post! A nice way of saying summer is coming to an end....however, I know for one that Fall is not going to bring you any more peace and quiet!!!! Once school starts you should get a pedicure and put those feet up -- because it likely won't be long and you will be running all day during the week and traveling many nights and weekend!!!

    Interestingly enough, when I read you post my thought was "this week was all about numbers for me too --- or at least one number!!!" A number that since April has ruled my life.


  18. Hi Vicky...I'm just dropping in again to say hello! I love to see your blog...your time spent with your family....and to read the comments of fellow followers.
    How absolutely terrrrrific to see Janine's post on your blog. You will instantly (if you haven't already) love her. She is the sweetest person...kind of like an angel walking among us....truly.
    I hope that you are having a good day. Take care.....
    I'll be baaaaaaaack!

  19. Kristi, so true! Hopefully just changing it up will recharge me a bit and I'll be good to go :)

    Jackie, would you believe Janine is the one responsible for sending me to you :) So I went to her blog and left her a little note and of course who was right above me in the comments?? I had only just begun getting to know her before her break and hope she'll return soon :) Thanks for stopping by like you do!

  20. We have been in school for three weeks and I am already praying for a snow day!


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