Monday, May 9, 2011

My babies... just aren't anymore...

He turns 9 this week. And his brother turns 11.  Its officially Birthday week.  I've spent all morning planning a birthday party for him. A generous friend sent beyond generous money for something "fun" for us to do. I shivered as I felt God provide for us again. I doubted our ability to provide a party for Colton, but God had other plans. His timing, I am learning, is impeccable, even when I doubt or don't understand.

This child, had us on the ropes last night. He behaved all day, listened and did as he was told. But last night? When I said the words "early" and "bed" in the same sentence? He gave me "power ranger" eyes. Its the equivalent of "stink" eye. He lasers his disgust in his eyes and stares you down. If I didn't love him so much, I may not be able to smother the giggles that threaten to erupt.

So he pitched a Colton sized fit. He said not a word. He sat quietly, in the hallway, OUTSIDE of the room we had asked him to enter. Lets face it, at five days short of turning 9, he has civil disobedience down. He remained sitting there well past his bedtime. And when he couldn't take it anymore, he snuck into his room and removed the pillows and blankets from his bed, and slept in the hallway ALL NIGHT LONG. To spite me. Him and his power ranger powers.

Did I mention how much I love him anyways? He takes after me in so many ways. And seeing this stubborn, lip-jutting out, arms crossed- boy take a stand? It did my heart good. So glad he is on Team Vicky, I need that Colton kind of stubborn, and those power ranger powers? They can't hurt either!

Not only did the Mjoen's family bring yummy barbecues for supper, they brought, these beautiful flowers. 

This plant was such a surprise too.  Its a Breast Cancer hydrangea and its blooms are pink.  It came from Levi Runyon's and the owner, Charlie, was a church friend and classmate of mine.  I haven't seen him in years, but I was so thrilled to receive this from him!  Thanks Charlie!  I love how my past is showing up in my present day life.

Do you see the pink dress holder for bracelets and necklaces?  Could it not have fit in better in my bathroom?  Not only does it fit in, but it is totally adorned now with all my breast cancer bracelets!!  So clever and thoughtful... thank you Julie!  

Thank you for all the well wishes.  I am falling behind in my thank you's, and replies to emails and I am so sorry if you didn't hear back from me.  So far, this week is better than last week and I have more energy, which is good, since I also have so much more to do!  Love and blessings to you all! 


  1. Ha..ha.. he just had to sleep out in the hall. My kids have done stuff like that too. But your right, it is good to have that kind of mind set on Team Vicky :)

    Glad you are doing ok and are blessed with so many loving gestures.

  2. just checking in to let you know that i'm thinking of you !!!

  3. Go Go Power Rangers! I have that song in my head now :) Good luck with all the planning. I know you'll have a great celebration week with your family :)

    The dress holder is so cute!!!

  4. oh the stink eye...yes, yes, i know it too well. i love that God has stepped in and provided, that your little one with the lip jut will have a special birthday after all.

  5. I know it will be a great party for (STUBBORN) Colton, LOL! If he could ahve inherited any trait from you, this is probaly a GOOD one! It will get him far in life, I am sure! God bless him....and YOU! XO, Pinky

  6. Love your take on the "civil disobedience" and on life in general!

  7. How wonderful that you see the positive in what is often viewed as 'negative' qualities. Stubborness can be used to stand up for good and for what we believe. You gave him room to emote without withdrawing your love. What a lucky boy!!

  8. I stubborn streak can be a great thing-just hard to parent sometimes! Thinking of you all!

  9. LOL.... oh, boy, you HAVE to love that determination.

    You'll have to show us that pink hydrangea when it's planted and in bloom.

    Thinking of you, hoping you're feeling better...

  10. Always thinking of you Vicky and keeping you in your prayers. Enjoy this birthday week with your boys!!

  11. My little guy slept in our bed for a very long time until he began to kick and punch us in the face when he slept and then we asked him politely to sleep in his own bed lol

    We never had an actual bed time and a good thing too because time flies and they grow up so fast. Then you wish they were there to sleep and cuddle with you, so you could kiss those chubby cheeks.
    Now he bends down for a kiss and God forbid you touch his dressed gelled hair. lol

    Times sure have changed.

    We are all praying for good results
    so hang in there Vicky:)

  12. Got my bracelet today.!!! I will wear it and I will pray!

  13. I am living with a bit of civil disobedience, my self! I am reminding myself that it's just part of what they do, but still..

    I think there are certain ages where we look at our kids and see they've made the turn - no longer a baby, no longer a toddler, no longer a little kid.

    I love that you took a picture of Colton while he was asleep! That's my trick for fighting this growing up thing, watch them while they sleep and you can see all the ages they've ever been. So peaceful,for both of you!

    Keep up the good fight, friend!

  14. I love stubborn boys. I often giggle in these circumstances too and have to turn my head.


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