Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"I'm with You"

In a complete surprise to me,  Sara's story was released for all of us to see and share. I will never grow tired of watching. For anyone unable to view, I thought I'd share here. Its a good 30 minutes, but well worth your time. So many of the lessons she taught to so many of us are here. I love the fact that so many of us had such different take aways from her.


I had a surprise visitor on Sunday.  This is my Goddaughter Brynne.  Her mother Kristi, made the beautiful breast cancer quilt for me.  Before they left town from our girlfriends weekend, sweet Brynne came for a visit with her mom.  She was a little quiet initially.

But soon she started talking.  She talked and talked.  Eventually she allowed me to lift her onto my lap and take her shoes and socks off.  Barefoot, like me.  Our first bond formed.  I broke out the color crayons and a coloring book.  And then she asked for my attention... and I didn't know whether to laugh or cringe... she called me "Grammy."  I promptly added "box of hair color," to my Target list.

But it was Rick she really took to.  Her eyes followed him everywhere and he got the biggest smiles.  And despite the lack of hair on his head, he did NOT get called Grampie.  I'd say another Daddy's girl is in the making.  Having been a daddy's girl, I can spot them a mile away.

I had chemo yesterday and saw Dr. Panwalkar first.  His allergies were kicking in big time and he both looked and sounded rather miserable.  But he is the consummate professional and answered all of my questions.  He was also happy to hear about my new insurance.  He said he thought we'd monitor my tumors through blood tumor markers for awhile, instead of scans.  He also showed me the last ct scan I'd had in the middle of March.  My lung tumors?  Were noticeably shrinking!  Now we just have to wait until July to see what is happening in my head. 

Chemo round 4 week 1 officially done.   


  1. Oh what a cutie. And a great name, I have a daughter Bryn ( close enough). Glad to hear your last checkup was a good one. Great news.

  2. Loved the video of Sarah! No, our on-line friends are not imaginary play mates, they are some of the best I've ever had and I love and appreciate them so much! Thanks for sharing the video, it is so encouraging!
    Glad to hear about the good news on your last check-up. Praying for you:)

  3. Oh she is a little dolly :) Wish they would stay this age.
    I hope everything shrinks and goes away real soon.
    Your doctors is smart to give you a small break.

  4. Hi Vicky!!

    I watched Sara's video last night. Got the (in)courage email and cried like a baby! So sweet - not a good thing to do before you are off to bed - my eyes were puffy this morning! I only got to know Sara through her blog a few months before she had to stop writing. But I am so glad to did get to know her when I did! And I am SO glad she connected me to you! I think you do for me, what she did for you!

    Such a sweet little girl!!! You certinly don't look like a grammie!

    And super news about your lung tumors shrinking - when I pray for you; i visualize the tumors and cancer disappearing - so I will keep praying that way!!!


  5. when she called you "grammy" did you say, "no, auntie!"? our last name is so challenging for little people to say that my friends' kids called me mrs. jennifer, and my nieces and nephews, who i want to call me "auntie", still aren't quite sure what to say when they address me!

    having seen your hair from the bank day video, i don't think hair color is in order at all!

    so glad to hear tumors have shrunk in your lungs! july will be here before we know it--how does time slip past us like that--and my fingers will be crossed for good news!

  6. Congratulations on the wonderful progress. Yes!!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!

    I look forward to watching the video. Sarah sounds remarkable.

    And what a beautiful little girl. Lovely photos. And a very clever mother, that quilt was amazing.

    Have a great week my blogging friend.

  7. Your strength never ceases to amaze me sweet Vicky. I will go and watch Sara's story tonight when I will have a bit more time to myself.
    Sending you lots of hugs and healing energy xo

  8. Hurray for shrinkage!

    The little girl is such a cutie! you made me laugh about the hair color bottle, especially considering my own blog topic today. LOL

    I am home alone tonight so maybe I should settle in and watch the video.

  9. What a sweet little girl. Glad she has you as her Godmother.

    And congratulations on the good report.

  10. The term "Grammie" is one of pure affection, my friend. She knows and feels love and titled you with love. I think it's beautiful.
    I will watch the video about Sara later this evening. I know that it will more than tug at my heartstrings. She was an amazing friend to so many people. I'm glad that you two connected and had each other for as long as you did. She impacted the world. She did.
    I smiled as I thought about the doctor needing a doctor yesterday. I wondered if you offered him any advice for his allergies...
    I am glad that your tumors are shrinking. What great news, Vicky. glad that Brynne took to Rick so quickly. I am a Daddy's girl, too. I know that we have that in common. Every time I look at my Daddy's hat, I think of you.
    Take care of you, my friend.
    Love you,

  11. You're too young for gray! Get that hair color. At 55, I sport mine proudly but I really had to be ready for it and it still shocks me sometimes when I look in the mirror.

    I haven't watched the piece about Sara yet. I saw on her Facebook page that it was up and I tried to watch it last night and just couldn't. Too much raw emotion and buckets of tears and I just didn't have them to spend. It's been dicey around here and I'll probably come back tomorrow and watch.

    What a cutie you have in her and what GOOD news that the lung tumors are shrinking. Here's to them shrinking all over and then getting so lost they are never heard from again. Here's a big, fat, squishy hug from a big, fat, squishy gray-haired friend! XO

  12. Wonderful news that the tumors are shrinking Vicky!!

    Thank you for sharing the video honoring Sara. So inspiring!

  13. yea for completing round 4!! i have 2 best girlfriend dx 10 yrs ago..keep the faith!!
    I am your newest follower.

  14. Sara was just amazing... her spirit echos on...

    and AWESOME NEWS!! The shrinking!!... You Go Girl.

  15. You are such a trooper Vicky! So happy to hear your lung tumors are shrinking. High five to Dr. Panwalkar!!!

  16. What a beautiful video...which definitely brought tears to my eyes. Sara was an amazing person, and I always enjoyed visiting her blog.

    So glad to hear your lung tumors are shrinking...that is beyond awesome!

  17. She's precious, Vicky. What a lucky girl, too, to get to spend time at your home. It's a welcoming home; this I know. Bless your weekend and I'm so happy to hear of shrinking tumors. That's the right direction!!!!


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